Monday, 23 February 2009

Saturday, 21 February 2009


I feel in love with this car, just a tiny bit...

Friday, 20 February 2009

Cupcakes and ribena

As i am writing this i am sipping ribena out of my new glass :D it is officially the cutest thing i have bought in a while. I found it whilst browsing the artbox section in Topshop on Oxford Street, as well as a pink and white notebook. I've decided to use if for all my fashiony tit-bits.

[oh and i picked up a copy of Topshops catwalk guide, it contains Topshop's new a/w 09 collection and a timetable of the shows]

I also bought the latest edition of Lula magazine from Borders. There is a lovely fashion shoot of Luella Bartley's s/s 09 collection (which i loved the first time i saw it september last year), plus a brief interview. She is currently one of my favourite British designers. Her mixture of old english, equestrian and block colours really inspire me.

Here are some examples from Lula ....

Oh, the boy has been here for the past week. It gave me an oportunity to explore london with someone. So i dragged him along to the Hummingbird bakery in Knightsbridge and bought two gorgeous cupcakes! (Plus he got to see the Lotus show room!).

I think i have a slowly growing obsession for cupcakes, was nearly tempted into buying a cupcake book in Topshop today ...........

Saturday, 14 February 2009


When all else fails ... strawberries and chocolate.

Happy Valentines Day everyone x.

Friday, 13 February 2009

little princess ...

I have re-descovered one of my most cherised childhood films. I was so happy when i came across it again at HMV.
Little priness is a touching story of a daughters eternal love for her father.
It is a stunning film.
My descriptions fail to really portait the wonderful-ness of this film.
It is occasionally shown on the tv so if you ever get a chance to see it its well worth a watch.
The film, based during the first world war, is also a great example of the upper class childrens' wear of the time.
It reminded me of a beautiful poem my dad wrote for me when i was very small and i have always carried with me.
The morning after the birthday party

Sweetness and light
You were sweetness
You were light

Rode into my room
With one wheel off the ground
Attracted my attention
Waving leftover streamers
Brandishing your purse at me
And said the money was for ice cream

Sunrise and smiles
You were sunrise
When you smiled

Burst into the day
On the wings of a dance
Distributing hugs and kisses
A casual acrobat
Mad as the stars
Cool as a cloud

yummy ....

I've been scouring the blog world for some inspiration, and to see what everyone else is going out there. On my search i stumbled across this gorgeous cup cake blog.

Just some of my favourite examples.

There are also recipes on there too so if your feeling the urge you can try them out for yourself. I'm really tempted but being at uni means i dont have all the essential baking accoutrements. :(

I also found a lot of interesting blogs on fashion etc which i have added to my blogs list, if your interested go have a gander - its worth it.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Love is in the air

"Love is, like, really important. It's good to be loved. Even if it's only for one night."
Cassie / Skins

Unless you have been exploring Narnia in the back of your wardrobe (if so I am extremely jealous!) for the past few weeks, you won’t have failed to realise Valentine’s Day is not so far away. So I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect give for the boy, or something for me I can get away with saying is for him.

As I am celebrating Valentines a day late this year, due to the boy’s stupid job, I have an extra day to hunt for some bargains. (And maybe sale items on the Sunday if I get really desperate.)
Some Elle McPherson underwear from ASOS has taken my eye ...

... at just £38.25 for the set. With free delivery up till Monday the 16th means that even if my not so subtle hinting goes un-noticed, this sexy number will be in my mail box by Wednesday at the latest. What more could you ask for?!

This isn’t the only underwear I’ve fallen in love with on my search. I also found the delightful Stella McCartney fruits of the week set on They are officially the cutest knickers I have ever seen coming in their own set of draws, but at £140 for the set I think I might have to give them a miss, but if anyone wants to feed my new obsession for cutesy knickers I won’t be stopping them.

Looking for the perfect gift for him has been a tad difficult, his main interests being football and Chinese food. Neither of which they do Valentine themes of. Though I was tempted to purchase a pair of comic underpants sporting the motif "weapon of mass seduction", but I’m not quite sure on the reaction I’d get.

If you know someone they would make a perfect gift, you can grab a pair at

I’ve also been thinking about Valentine activities (don’t worry I’m not going to get all mucky on you). I have decided to take advantage of the deals on offer at HMV, buying titanic (£3, had to be done), the Bodyguard (£5, am yet to see but the boy said it’s a must) and the Notebook (£6).

Coming back onto a more fashion track, I’ve been looking at the new s/s 09 collections and a noticed something popping up here and there – hearts. It was present on a handful of dresses at the Versace show in Milan, as well as adorning the shoes on the Luella catwalk at London Fashion Week. It seems love is in the air this season.

To Do List
· Find the perfect Valentine’s Day card, there is just too much choice in Clintons.
· Find a use for the beach dress I failed to take back within the 28 days.
· Clean out my hamster, lil chief’s cage and generally make my room presentable for the boys’ visit.
· Stop staying up late looking at, my eyes will go square sometime soon.

Train trend spotting

Posted a few days later than I intended ...
The moral of today is; never trust boys to sort out details. They have no concept of what parts are important and what parts are not! Football is not something I wish to know about, what time you’re picking me up definitely is.

Anyway, hair today is.... well flat, not by desire may I add. As I’m travelling I’ve opted for my trusty boyfriend jumper (quite literally, it’s his old college sports jumper I managed to steal, luckily he thought it was cute), dark blue Zara skinnys and Uggs – the London girl’s best friend. Though come to think of it, my Uggs are in pretty bad shape. New ones are now on my shopping essentials list.

Nothing really jumped out today; everyone was in a suit on the tube. I clearly caught it at the completely wrong time for fashion spotting. The train isn’t much better. I am sat across two off duty policemen, no fashion inspiration there. Though I am pretty astounded by the number of extra pockets, lapels and generally random bits that they manage to accommodate on one shirt!

On closer inspection their ties are clip-ons, something which made me smile.

Have spent the last few days debating about my hair, there are so many short looks around this season. People like Victoria Beckham and Pixie Geldof are sporting the pixie hairstyle, but I am far too chicken to go that short. Especially so soon after a recent hair trauma, involving an enthusiastic hair dresser and some sharp scissors. When I say a trim I usually mean a trim, not a full blown hair massacre. Hair dressers have far too much power if you ask me. I’m in a hair dilemma; maybe middle of the road is the way to go?

To Do List
· Take back the beach dress I bought from Topshop, yes you can go a size too big.
· Buy new Uggs. Do this online though; the queues for the shops have been huge in London since Christmas.
· Start to save for a Roxanne Mulberry bag. £681 to go!
· Stop going on the Abercrombie website, I have far too many jumpers as it is.
· Buy something that isn’t grey of black, I’ve got to get out of this monochromatic rut.