Friday, 13 February 2009

little princess ...

I have re-descovered one of my most cherised childhood films. I was so happy when i came across it again at HMV.
Little priness is a touching story of a daughters eternal love for her father.
It is a stunning film.
My descriptions fail to really portait the wonderful-ness of this film.
It is occasionally shown on the tv so if you ever get a chance to see it its well worth a watch.
The film, based during the first world war, is also a great example of the upper class childrens' wear of the time.
It reminded me of a beautiful poem my dad wrote for me when i was very small and i have always carried with me.
The morning after the birthday party

Sweetness and light
You were sweetness
You were light

Rode into my room
With one wheel off the ground
Attracted my attention
Waving leftover streamers
Brandishing your purse at me
And said the money was for ice cream

Sunrise and smiles
You were sunrise
When you smiled

Burst into the day
On the wings of a dance
Distributing hugs and kisses
A casual acrobat
Mad as the stars
Cool as a cloud

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